Canada eases restrictions on 10,000 foreign live-in caregivers

This has been done to help attract more foreign caregivers in the nation while offering full protection of their rights in Canada.

Canada work permits- an early christmas gift for foreign caregivers—Welcoming the unprecedented move by Canada government, president of the Association of Caregiver and Nanny Agencies of Canada, Manuela Gruber Hersch said it is like an early Christmas gift for foreign caregivers.

She, however, said that she had no indication about the position or the objective of the federal government behind such move especially since the step was unannounced.

And even Canada immigration department-CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) has not answered to the queries. There is no information whether the recent step by the federal government is a permanent change in the immigration policy for foreign caregivers in Canada or just a one-off step.

Meanwhile, Canada immigration minister Jason Kenny has reaffirmed to chalk out ways for allowing increased number of foreign caregivers to Canada in the recent times.

Canada live-in caregiver program—Canada work permits are a legal route to enable foreign caregivers to come and work in Canada. And the best thing about such work permits is that caregivers are no longer confined to keep working for the family offering sponsorship to come to Canada. They have the option to work for any other family or employer without any risk of losing their right to live and work as caregivers in Canada.

This recent change is aimed to offer protection to foreign caregivers in Canada following several reports of mistreatment meted out to such foreign workers by families employing them.

Some of the common complaints by foreign caregivers include long duration of work, poor work conditions, little pay and bad treatment by the families.

It may be mentioned that the demand for live-in caregivers or nannies in Canada is growing while the government of Canada assumes that Canada live-in caregiver program is not going to attract the required number of foreign caregivers to live and work in Canada.

Hence, the latest move is to provide incentives to help get more foreign caregivers to come and work in Canada.