Canada crackdown on Temporary Foreign Worker Program

This is the result of the latest Canada government crackdown on its Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

Canada crackdown on Temporary Foreign Worker Program—As per the latest information by Canada government, a public blacklist will have employers not obeying Canada immigration norms for hiring temporary foreign workers in Canada.

Canada announced a black list for employers not following required norms for recruiting foreign temporary workers to work in Canada.

Giving details about the move, Canada Minister of Employment and Social Development, Jason Kenney, said that the LMOs(labor market opinions) of such employers have been suspended or revoked as a result.

LMOs revocation following Temporary Foreign Worker Program changes—Recent changes to Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program by Canada government has resulted in revocation of LMOs of employers not complying with rules of Temporary Foreign Worker Program. And the new public blacklist will feature names of all such employers as well as the businesses whose LMOs have been suspended due to non-compliance.

It needs to be noted that any LMO suspended or revoked is not valid to be used by any temporary foreign worker for getting a Canada work permit from CIC(Citizenship and Immigration Canada).

Message for non-compliance—The recent step by Canada government against Temporary Foreign Worker Program sends a clear warning to all those who intend to misuse the immigration program.

This has been revealed by Canada employment minister Kenney. And all such businesses or employers need to be ready to face serious actions for doing such acts. Canada is not, in any case, going to tolerate any misuse of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program and Canadians needs to be always first in line for vacant job positions in Canada, clarified Kenney.

Canada Temporary Foreign Worker Program—Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program was created for helping employers get the foreign workers with skills in high demand in Canada.

And for such jobs, no Canadian workers are available. Critics argue that employers have been hiring foreign workers possessing low skill-sets for filling Canada jobs while snatching jobs from Canadians. This means a big loss for jobless Canadians.

On the other hand, Canadian federation of Independent Business that Temporary Foreign Worker Program is of great use for medium and small size employers/businesses requiring temporary foreign workers for unfilled job positions.