Canada Citizenship requirements

Lets together find out the requirements and eligibility criteria for getting Canada citizenship.

Requirements for Canada citizenship—Do you want to know about the requirements to be fulfilled for becoming a Canada citizen?

Well, you need to know that for obtaining Canada citizenship, you need to meet several conditions. Consider, for instance, an integral requirement for Canada citizenship.

You must live in Canada for a minimum period of 1,095 days in the four years duration before the date you sign the application for Canada citizenship.

Canada Citizenship requirements must be met by applicants for gaining the much coveted Canada Citizenship.

Requirements for becoming Canada Citizen—In order to become a Canadian Citizen, an applicant must fulfill the following criteria—

• He or she must be a Canadian permanent resident;

• He or she should be a minimum of 18 years;

• He or she must have lived in Canada for not less than 1,095 days in the period of four years before signing the application;

• Needs to have sufficient knowledge of French or English;

• Must have adequate information and knowledge of Canada;

• Also, he or she should have knowledge of privileges and responsibilities of Citizenship;

• Must not have been prohibited criminally;

• Must not have been considered as a threat to the security;

• Should attend and take Citizenship oath.

Canada crackdown on Canada citizenship abuse—Canada government has launched a crackdown on Canada citizenship misuse.

Foreigners found to be becoming Canada citizens without fulfilling all the above stated requirements have led to strong steps by the government of Canada for strict rules.

A crackdown was announced by Canada government in the year 2012. So, new Canada citizens not giving true information about the total time spent in Canada before getting Canada Citizenship have been targetted by Canada government. And such misusers have been handled strictly by the government.

Around 11,000 people are stated to have misrepresented facts about their residency period in Canada to Canada government. And around 2,000 people have been stated to have withdrawn Canada citizenship applications following queries by immigration officials of Canada.

Canada government not only fines the misusers but also strips the people of their Canada citizenship if they are found to have been misused the process.

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