Canada citizenship changes may hurt attracting foreign students

Canada has announced changes to Canada citizenship rules recently.

Canada citizenship changes could affect luring international students—The changes to Canada citizenship rules announced by Canada to become effective later this year are being considered a big threat to attracting foreign students.

Canada citizenship changes are going to have a restricting effect on wooing international students.

As per executive director of Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants, Debbie Douglas, the nation is taking away its big selling point. Canada is having global competition in attracting international students with other nations like the US, the UK and Australia.

How will Canada Citizenship changes restrict foreign students to Canada?—Well, lets make the things more clear here. Canada is going to eliminate a rule that had led to easier Canada citizenship route for foreigners living in Canada before gaining Canada permanent residency.

Yes, the new Canada Citizenship rules will be axing this provision which was a big advantage for international students in Canada.

The present norms mean that foreign workers, live-in caregivers or international students living in Canada as non-permanent residents get each day spent in Canada to be counted as half day of residence required for the purposes of Canada citizenship application. This provision was a big incentive for many foreigners wanting to come to Canada and become Canada citizens, claims Douglas.

Another hurdle in the path of wooing foreigners—Apart from the elimination of the above stated existing provision, Canada has also announced another requirement for Canada permanent residency. It is increasing Canada residency requirement for becoming Canada citizen to four out of six years from the current provision of three out of four years.

As per the vice-president at Canadian Bureau for International Education, Jennifer Humphries, international students are like golden immigrants for Canada. They are a big source of contribution to Canada economy.

By creating hindrances for such immigrants, Canada is going to enable foreign students to study in Canada and move to the US for working there, maintained Humphries.

CIC defends recent Canada citizenship changes—As per an official spokesperson for canada immigration department--CIC(Citizenship and Immigration Canada), changes to Canada citizenship rules meaning longer Canada residency requirement are wholly justified since they aim to deepen the attachment of foreign students to Canada.

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