Canada best nation to immigrate, offers more employment opportunities

And it is also known to offer highest number of employment opportunities especially as compared to other European nations.

Canada’s popularity is rising globally thus making it, undoubtedly, a top choice for immigration, states a recent survey undertaken by NatWest International.

From Canada’s stable and strong economy to its breathtaking natural beauty, the nation offers foreigners a quality of life and job opportunities that are second to no other European nation.

Lower jobless rates—One of the best things to consider is that Canada has significantly lower rate of unemployment as compared to other nations. Consider, for instance, the Western provinces of Canada including Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Both of these Western provinces have lowest rate of unemployment of 4.9 percent.

Increasing job opportunities—Several Canadian provinces have been witnessing increased number of new job opportunities in the recent times. Peterborough (Ontario) had an increase of nearly 10.8 percent in the number of new jobs in the month of April this year. And this is a noticeable recovery in terms of job growth after the recession.

The top city in terms of best employment market conditions throughout Canada is none other than Guelph (Ontario). It is ranked second in terms of job growth and has a low rate of joblessness.

Apart from Guelph, other top five cities in terms of best employment opportunities include Quebec City, Regina, Thunder Bay and Victoria. Victoria and Regina are ranked at number two and one respectively in terms of low rates of unemployment.

Thunder Bay and Quebec City are ranked 6th and 4th in terms of job growth. Even other Canadian cities including Windsor and Oshawa have been showing higher rate of new jobs for some time now.

Come to Canada-one of the best places the world over—Canada offers a large number of employment opportunities to newcomers in accordance with their requisite skill-sets and experience that match labor market needs of the nation.

There are different immigration programs that enable foreigners to come, live and work in Canada if they fulfill eligibility criteria.