Canada announces multiple-entry visas

As per the announcement, Canada will offer foreign visitors MEVs(multiple entry visas).

Canada’s MEVs for qualified foreign travelers—Qualified travelers will be allowed to get MEVs for coming and going from Canada for a period of six months at a time. And these Canada multiple entry visas will be for up to 10 years with not need of reapplying every time. That’s a great news for foreign visitors wanting to come to Canada.

Canada will offer multiple entry visas for foreign travelers. This means a simpler Canada visa application process for foreign travelers through harmony of single and multiple entry visa fees.

Single Canada visa fee—Canada announced harmonizing the single as well as multiple entry visa fees of $100 for the purpose of processing of Canada single visa or Canada multiple entry visa. So, the fee will now be $100(Canadian dollars) irrespective of the fact whether you apply for a single entry visa or a multiple entry Canada visa.

Canada announced reducing processing fee for a Canada TRV( temporary resident visa) to $100 from the earlier $150 for processing of an application either for a single entry or multiple entry visa.

Simplified Canada visa application process–The latest step of harmonizing of Canada visa fees(of single entry and multiple entry visa) will make the application process for Canada visa applicants. It will have a boosting impact on Canada tourism since more and more foreign travelers will feel attracted to come to Canada especially those who want to make multiple visits.

Canada’s increased global competitiveness–The news is a pleasant surprise for many aspirants of Canada multiple entry visas. Around 35 million visitors come to Canada every year.

And the new step will increase the number of foreign visitors to Canada. The year 2012 witnessed arrival of around one million foreigners on Canada visitor visas. Each year, a large number of Indian travelers want to come to Canada.

However, due to unnecessary Canada visa norms, they feel restricted to visit Canada. Certainly, the latest step is going to lure more foreign visitors, including foreigners wanting to visit Canada for travel or for business purposes, to avail this opportunity.

It needs to be worth mentioned that Canada multiple entry visas are quite popular among foreign visitors from China, India and Mexico who have 10-year passports and have eligibility for making a 10-year Canada visa application.