Canada Announces Immigration Category For Construction Sector Professionals

The government has initiated to facilitate immigration for the skilled people who are required and qualify for the working capacities in Canada.

The construction sector welcomes this initiative as it looks forward to the skilled people to work for their department. The Canadian government has announced that Canada would allow immigration to about 3000 skilled people and workmen from next year on in an immigration drive to be launched on January 2013.

According to the regulations, the qualifying applicants would have to have a per-arranged job offer in Canada or will require a certificate of qualifications from a province or territory which will prove that they are job ready once they arrive in Canada. The regulations also state that the applicants are also require to meet the basic French or English language requirements.

The Canadian government has stated that many skilled and efficient people could not apply for jobs or for any federal skilled worker program as it puts pure emphasis on language proficiency and post secondary education. Due to this, the government has loosened the benchmark for workers to a basic level so that they can easily apply and safely work in the Canadian environment.

This drive was initiated due to the shortage of the workers in construction sector according to the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. There is a dearth of about 1, 63,000 construction workers and other amount in other sectors like oil and steel trade sectors.

According to the Construction Sector Council, they need about 3,20,000 new workers by the end of the year 2020 in order to replace the ones who will be retiring the intervening period. This is also an effort to keep pace with the demand of workers by the construction sector.

The immigration category initiative requires applicants to have at least two years of experience as a skilled worker. The new initiative was first announced during the spring budget. This was announced by the Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kennedy in an effort to make working immigration easier for applicants. He also stated that the Government remains focused on promoting economic growth and long term prosperity. This initiative will encourage many people who desire to migrate to apply for work in Canada. This effort will also assist the growth of economy of Canada.