Canada announces 2013Annual report on immigration

This includes targets as well as plans for the 2013 with regard to immigration levels and immigration division for various immigration categories.

New Canada immigration levels for new permanent residents—Canada will admit between 240,000 and 265,000 new Canada permanent residents in the year 2013. This has been revealed in the 2013 Annual Report on Canada immigration. It may be worth mentioned that it is for the first time ever that Canada will allow such a high level of immigration in any particular year.

Changes to Canada Federal Skilled Worker program aims to ensure better integration of newcomers and skilled workers in Canada society and Canada job market.

Canada is known to be an immigration-friendly nation allowing newcomers from diverse nations and backgrounds. And by announcing a record high number of newcomers to be allowed immigration in the next year, it has proved that it is, undoubtedly, a multicultural and a diverse nation.

In addition, the new high levels of Canada immigration for the year 2013 are in keeping with the objectives of family reunification, economic immigration and humanitarian grounds.

Proposed Canada Federal Skilled Worker changes—Canada immigration will have a few changes to its FSW (Federal Skilled Worker) program for the year 2013. Among the changes highlighted in the FSW program for 2013 include—

• Priority to younger immigrants possessing work experience;

• Higher proficiency levels in either French or English;

• Pre-arrival assessment of foreign credentials before making application for Canada immigration to avoid delays in getting jobs in Canada;

• New Canada skilled trades program in the year 2013 to fill growing shortage of skilled tradespersons in Canada economy.

Faster family reunification for PGP—Canada immigration department-CIC(Citizenship and Immigration Canada) has also announced to cut long waiting periods for those wanting to come to Canada under Canada’s PGP(Parents and Grandparents) program.

Under its Action Plan launched nearly a year ago, CIC has addressed the problem of huge backlogs of applications for Canada PGP. Canada has allowed highest number of immigrants under its PGP by admitting parents and grandparents and will continue to do so in the year 2013.

New rules for cutting marriage fraud—Finally, Canada announced new rules for sponsoring spouses to come to Canada. It has announced conditional permanent residency of at least two years for sponsored spouses along with barring provision of offering sponsorship to another spouse for a period of five years by newly sponsored spouses.

Canada has announced its annual report on immigration for the year 2013. In this report, more immigrants will be allowed entry under different immigration categories.

As for new Canada permanent residents level, the figures have been stated to be between 240,000 and 265,000 in the year 2013.

This has been revealed by Canada immigration minister Jason Kenney. Canada has made a remarkable step in announcing high number of immigration levels for newcomers.

Canada announced changes to Canada marriage visa program and also revealed faster reunification of elders under Canada’s PGP(Parents and Grandparents) program to get immigrants reunited with their families in Canada.