Canada adds 10 new jobs to skilled priority list

And Canada has also announced fast-tracking applications for foreign applicants.

Canada’s new 10 jobs added to skilled priority list—Canada’s new skilled priority list will feature new 10 jobs. And this is wonderful opportunity for foreigners wanting to come and work in Canada as skilled foreigners.

Canada has addded to its skilled occupation list new 10 jobs.

Which are new Canada jobs included in Skilled occupation list?—Canada has included carpenters, psychologists, midwivers, lawyers, speech language pathologists, geo-scientists, heavy duty equipment operators, welders, electricians and heavy duty equipment technicians.

Canada announces faster processing for foreign qualifications—Foreign qualification assessments will get fast-tracked by Canada government. This is also another latest development in favor of foreign applicants wanting to get jobs in Canada.

This latest development will facilitate new arrivals in Canada to find jobs after coming here at the earliest after moving to Canada. This is because Canada immigration application process will be getting streamlined by CIC-Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Giving details about the new developments by Canada immigration department CIC, Chris Alexander, Canada immigration minister, and Jason Kenney, Canada Employment and Social Development stated that processing of applications of candidates whose occupations are included in the 24 priority list will be done within a period of one year.

That’s something great for immigrants looking to get jobs in Canada after immigration to Canada.

Beneficial for Canada employers—Canada employers will also be benefiting from the latest move announced by Canada immigration department CIC. Canada employers will find an available pool of skilled migrants than working towards getting new temorary foreign workers from overseas.

Double time for sponsoring foreign spouses to Canada—Canada citizens seeking to offer sponsorship to their spouse living outside Canada will have to wait for longer periods. This will be due to increased backlog of Canada sponsorship applications.

As per the details, the processing times for Canada foreign spouses will be double the present time. Canada government has also maintained that a processing period of 11 months will be there. And a two year waiting period will be for those making an application from outside Canada.

And foreign spouses need to keep it in mind that they are not allowed to work in Canada or get any government funded healthcare in Canada while their application is being processed.