Canada’s successful multiple entry visa

This has been announced by Canada immigration minister Chris Alexander. This becomes clear from the fact that nearly 95 percent of total Canada visitor visas issued by Canada in the month of April this year were Canada Multiple Entry visas.

Success of Canada’s multiple entry visas—Canada multiple entry visas are, undoubtedly, a great success. In the month of April this year, Canada reports of having issued around 95,000 Canada Multiple Entry Visas(MEVs) to foreigners wanting to come to Canada to spend some time with their family members or for holidaying in Canada.

Canada’s multiple entry visas are quite successful Canada visas and have become very popular in a short span of time.

What is Canada multiple entry visa?—Well, Canada’s multiple entry visa is a convenient and a fast option enabling foreigners wanting to visit Canada for a short duration of time. This Canada visa offers foreign visitors the best facility of coming to Canada and exiting Canada for six months at a time for a period of up to ten years.

Canada multiple entry visa offers the convenience and flexibilty of coming to Canada for foreign visitors and is instrumental in attracting a large number of foreign visitors to Canada.

Yes, that’s right. No wonder, this Canada visa has become a great hit among foreign visitors wanting to come to Canada for a short period of time each year.

The good thing is that they will not be required to visit immigration officials and get Canada visitor visas issued each and every time. That’s something wonderful, isn’t it?

• Canada has already brought down the fee for Canada multiple entry visa to CAD $100 from the earlier CAD $150.

• Around 100,000 Canada visitor visas were issued by Canada in the month of April this year out of which nealry 95,000 were Canada multiple entry visas.

• Demand for Canada multiple entry visas has gone up to almost double from 150,000 Canada MEVs(in 2002) to 486,000(in 2013).

• Canada Multiple Entry Visas are very popular among foreign visitors from India, Mexico and China having 10-year passports and eligibilty for 10-year visa application.

• In 2013, Canada reportedly issued a total of 975,191 Canada visitor visas.

So, all the above mentioned points validate the growing popularity of Canada multiple entry visas among foreign visitors wanting to come to Canada for short periods.

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