Canada’s new points immigration system in 2013

This will be aimed at assessment of foreigners applying for coming to Canada.

New points system in Canada 2013—Speaking about the plans for changes to Canada’s points system in the next year, Canada immigration minister Jason Kenney said Canada will have a new system of immigration.

Canada’s revamped points system for the year 2013 will have greater focus on having employers equip newcomers with jobs after coming to Canada.

Jobs for newcomers, main focus of points system 2013--Focus of this new points system will be, undoubtedly, getting job in the chosen field of expertise by newcomers coming to Canada, affirmed Kenney about Canada’s points system 2013.

So, what we will get to see as a result of changes to Canada points system in 2013 will be an increasingly high number of newcomers coming to Canada under economic immigration stream getting job invitations or jobs in Canada, he clarified.

Pre-assessment of foreign qualifications—Having a system of pre-assessment of foreign credentials of applicants for Canada will be yet another priority for Canada’s changed points system for 2013, revealed Kenney.

There is no logic in inviting more and more highly qualified and skilled immigrants from various corners of the world to come to Canada and then let them take to low skilled jobs like driving cabs, stated Kenney.

It is well known that many skilled and educated immigrants are compelled to work as cashiers at store or get the job of night watchmen and all this needs to be stopped, he affirmed.

Canada work experience, language proficiency and youth-Priorities of new points system—There is no denying that Canada’s points system for 2013 will have for its focus young foreigners wanting to come to Canada.

In addition, those having higher levels of language proficiency(in any of the two Canadian official languages) and Canada work experience will be welcomed by Canada.

Non-refugees still welcome—Canada’s new points system will require non-refugees not getting sponsorship from any Canadian family members to get a minimum score of 67 points for language, education or other skill-sets.

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When immigration Minister Chris Alexander was introducing the changes in CEC he had said that the effort is to reduce the backlog and the processing time as well. He informed that CEC allowed 25,000 people to stay and contribute to the growth of country.

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