Canada’s Immigration Rules Amended for Children

Canada, a place where hundreds and thousands of families and individuals apply to be a permanent resident each year, has shattered the dreams of many and left them drowning in a pool of anxiety. This is because the age at which a child in Canada is called ‘independent’ is reduced from 22 years and below to 19 years and below. This amendment under the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), which came into effect from August 1, 2014, has been apparently made to focus on the economic and labor force needs ignoring the obstacles the refugees and immigrants will go through.
According to the previous law, children working full time, below the age of 22 were considered as independent, but the new amendment has been merciless even in this context. It has no provision or exception for those children studying full time exceeding the age of 19, who are totally dependent on their parents financially. Only those suffering from mental or physical complications which prevent them from staying away from family have been given the leverage of being enclosed in the same application.
The Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IRPR) which aim to reunite families is now said to synchronize and harmonize with the Canadian Government’s definition of ‘age of majority’ which in most cases is 18-19 years. The young immigrants are now expected to apply to move to Canada through their merit and other economic programs as those belonging to the above 19 age group are extensively researched to have achieved less economic progress as compared to those between 15-18 years of age in the nation.
With this amendment now taking shape, almost 7000 young adults will not be able to accompany their parents to Canada next year. This has left the parents in a dilemma as leaving young kids behind and migrating to a new country is not only going to be a tough decision but will also affect the safety and increase the vulnerability of the child to various life threatening elements. Surprisingly, according to reports, around 43 percent of youngsters above the age of 19 years live with their parents in Canada clearly stating the natural dependence and reliance.
However, the applications registered before the amendment was exercised, will be treated according to the preceding set of rules and age limit. In Canada’s quest to achieve economic and labor targets, it has not only put a big question mark on those attempting to settle in the country but has also puzzled the parents who would have to step into a new life without their younger ones!

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