Canada’s credible career colleges open to international students

Canada immigration minister Jason Kenney hoped so.

Changes may keep credible career colleges open for international students—Kenney is quite confident that the recent changes to Canada immigration rules aimed to cut misuse of foreign student rules will admit foreign students in credible career colleges.

Changes to Canada immigration rules becoming effective 2014 will admit foreigners in credible career colleges in Canada, hopes Canada immigration minister.

New rules for Canada immigration will come into effect in the year 2014. The government targets to reduce increasing menace of human smuggling and fraud in Canada student visas by having tougher Canada immigration norms.

Which are credible career colleges in Canada?—Which are the credible colleges or credible institutes for studying in Canada?

This is a question that is going to come to many minds wanting to enroll in Canada higher education from overseas. Providing a clue to this, Canada immigration minister Kenney said the issue is going to be left to the respective Canadian provinces.

Canada provinces to decide--So, it will be Canadian provinces who will take a decision with regard to which college or institution is ‘credible’ for enrolling foreign students wanting to study in Canada. Speaking about this, Kenney said Canadian provinces do have responsibility (and must act accordingly) for Canada’s post-secondary education.

And hence, they must take an appropriate decision in this regard. Provincial governments in Canada will be expected to list the names of various credible career colleges or credible career institutes as certified institutions, he hoped.

And they will also make sure that any of the so called ‘self-styled career colleges’ are not given any place in the list of certified institutions in Canada, he maintained.

New rules for Canada student visas—New Canada immigration rules will see to it that only those foreign students are granted Canada student visas who are enrolled at designated institutes and they will have to attend classes in Canada. Canada student visas will not be granted to foreigners enrolled in study programs of less than six months duration.

Any of the international students not abiding by Canada student visa rules will be removed immediately. And Canada government will also work towards streamlining the process of issuance of Canada work permits to international students.

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