Canada’s conditional permanent residence for curbing marriage fraud

This was revealed by Canada immigration minister Jason Kenney in March this year.

New restriction on sponsorship--Canadian government introduced a new ruling for controlling growing incidence of marriage fraud among immigrants. As per the rule, there will be a restriction on sponsorship.

A partner or a spouse getting sponsorship from a Canadian citizen or a Canada permanent resident will have to stay together with their partner offering sponsorship for a minimum period of two years in a legitimate relationship after receiving their Canada permanent residency, revealed Canada immigration minister Jason Kenney.

And anyone found not to be staying together with his or her sponsor will be liable to termination of his conditional Canada permanent residency status. It might render the partner or the spouse to be removed from Canada with a possible risk of criminal charges against him or her.

However, the condition will not be applicable after the expiry of the conditional period of two year.

Proposal aimed to cut marriage abuse—The latest step by Canada immigration is to inhibit foreigners from getting involved in a marriage or a legal partnership for the sake of becoming Canada permanent residents. This will be governed by the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

Speaking about the issue, immigration minister Kenney said the problem of Canada marriage visa fraud is quite serious. It’s only going to worsen if Canada does not take care to introduce requisite steps to stop people from misusing Canada immigration system by marriage of convenience, he informed.

The proposed plan becoming effect from 2nd March, 2012 will aim to remove foreigners trying to use fake marriage as a means to gain Canada permanent residency.

This will ensure to restrict bogus marriages in Canada at the earliest, said Kenney.

Canada government has been hearing the woes of those getting cheated by Canada marriage fraud, said Kenney.

So, keeping in view the fact that Canada marriage fraud is a serious threat to Canada immigration system, it has vowed to crack down on anyone involved in marriages of convenience, he maintained.

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