Can you clear the US Citizenship Test?

Well, here is a quiz to help you know whether you are a good candidate for clearing the US citizenship test.

So, here we go. Before proceeding ahead with the quiz, we would like to inform you that the questions stated below are from the 100 civic questions pertaining to US government and US history and were given to candidated applying for US Citizenhsip test(by the USCIS—US Citizenship and Immigration Services).

US citizenship test questions—An applicant is asked not more than 10 questions during the US naturalization test. Every applicant for the US citizenship test needs to get a minimum of 6 score out of 10.

US citizenship test or US Naturalization test requires an applicant to answer not more than 10 questions regarding US history and government of the US asked by a USCIS worker.

1. Who is the Father of Our Country? Answer is George Washington was the first US president and is known as the Father of Our Country.

2. Tell the number of amendments of the US Constitution? Answer is 27 amendments.

3. Who becomes the President in case both the Vice President and the President can not serve any longer? Answer is the speaker of the House.

4. By whom was the Declaration of Independence written? It was Thomas Jefferson who wrote the Declaration of Independence in the year 1776.

5. Name a state which was among those bought by the US from France in the year 1803? The answer to this question is Louisiana. Louisiana was bought in April 1803 by the US as part of the Louisiana Territory.

6. How many representatives serve in the House? A total of 435 representatives serve in the US House.

7. In which year was the Constitution of the US written? The US Constitution was written in the year 1787.

8. Tell the first three words of the Constitution? “We the People” happen to be the first three words of the Constitution.

9. The Federal governmetn has the power to? The federal government has the authority to ratify treaties.

10. For how many years are the Senators elected to serve? US senators serve for six-year terms and they are allowed to get reelected for an unlimited number of times.

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