Can I leave Canada as Permanent Resident on long holiday?

A Permanent Resident of Canada can leave Canada for a holiday if he holds a Permanent Resident Card.

Advantage of Permanent Resident Card

PR card helps an immigrant to travel by air, land or sea. Another document which could be helpful in allowing a PR to travel would be Travel Document which is also regarded as Permanent Resident Abroad.

• This document is issued by Canadian Visa Office abroad.
• This document can be used only once.
• Before you travel, you must be sure about the expiry date of your PR card.
• In case your card is very close to expiry then make sure that you get it renewed before you travel.
• You must have a valid passport.
• You must carry other relevant documents.
• You must carry your work permit if you intend to get back to work in Canada.

In the absence of PR Card
If you don’t show a PR Card while you are traveling back and entering into the country, you may be asked to leave the country and return back to your own home country. This is all the more prominent when you are traveling by a private vehicle like car.

If you are very close to the expiry date of the PR Card which is valid for five years, then you must get the same renewed.

You may be permitted to travel without a PR Card if you can submit strong documents that show your travel plans and traveling details.

People who have been for quite long
If you have been staying in Canada for quite a few years now, you can always apply for citizenship and obtain the same before you leave for a holiday.

One must be aware that “permanent resident” is not a permanent feature. Hence this status should not be taken for granted.

Those with PR Card must learn that they require being present for a minimum of 730 days out of five years (the validity period). It is the most important criteria for holding the PR Status.

The requirements you need to meet
The immigration rules in Canada suggest that one can leave the country for a maximum of three years while holding the PR Card under the status of permanent resident.

You will be allowed to return back to Canada if you maintain the limit of five years, as directed by Canadian immigration Laws.
If you leave Canada for more than 6 months then is prepared that you will not be able to enjoy health insurance facility given by the Government.

Permanent Resident Status in Canada should not be mistaken as a permanent status. Someone who is a PR can always go out of the country for a holiday, but he should be prepared with all the required documents. However, those who are already living in Canada for years now should apply for Canadian Citizenship and then plan a holiday. In the absence of required documents one may have to return back to his home country.