Can I have more than one category of non-immigrant visa

If yes, then we would like to inform all those wanting to know about such information that normally, having more than one category of non-immigrant visas is quite legal. Lets consider this matter in detail here.

Multiple categories of non-immigrant visas—So, if you are desirous of knowing whether having more than one category of non-immigrant US visas is deemed to be legal or not, we would like to share with you that its quite legal.

Having more than one type of non-immigrant visas is considered legal depending on the need of travel.

More than one category of non-immigrant US visa—Considering an example will make the things more clear.

For example, if you are an aspirant for a US student visa for studying undergraduate degree and wanting to apply for a US student visa but already have a US B1 visa or US B2 tourist visa, then you may be worried whether your US B1/B2 visa will be cancelled by the US immigration department.

The only point worth notable in this regard is that one must have a valid US visa(in this case, a US B1/US B2 visa aspirant wanting to get a US student visa for studying there).

You or any other individual will be required to make an application for a US F1 visa or a US M1 student visa. And keep in mind that the US immigration department willnot cancel your US tourist visa when your US student visa is issued.

Can one work in the US on a US Student visa?—Yes, this is another issue worth consideration for many wanting to know about it. If you have been issued a US student visa and want to know whether or not you can work in the US, then we would like to inform you that there are some rules that one needs to follow.

You can work in the US on-campus if you are attending full-time classes(this means more than 12 hours each semester).

Meanwhile, you cannot work for more than 20 hours a wekk while your study classes are in progress in a session. Also, as a foreign student in the US, one can seek special authority to work for more hours a week while your classes are not currently in session. Moreover, full time work is allowed to foreign students during their vacations.

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