Can Buying A Property In A Country As Australia Or Canada Make Your Immigration Easier?

When the visa of an individual expires then an individual has to go back to his home town and on the other hand has to put up for sale its property. Furthermore, you can provide your home for rent and can earn an income from your rented asset even when you depart from the foreign land.

Renting your property is safe as there are many good real estate agents and many reliable and good rental companies that easily handle your rented assets. There are many immigrants who have attained 457 visa. 457 visas are a temporary employment visas formulated for the experienced or skilled workers. This visa is only valid for the time duration of 4 years and not more than that.

If an individual has successfully fulfilled his 2 years of employment without any complaints or problems then according to the wish or the requirement of the employer your visa can be extended. This is achieved when the employer is going to sponsor you by offering permanent residency over there. Under such circumstances you can stay in that country. All you have to do is simply except the opportunity and if you reject that offer then you choose to go back to your home town.

There is mo mandatory legal rule that the employer must sponsor you as a permanent resident. It is just in the hands of the employer whether he wants you here forever or not. Moreover, no employer can forcefully keep you employed for work against your will either. If your present employer has such offer for you then you don’t have to do anything in order to change your status such as apply for another visa, etc.

In case the 457 visa expires then you have to return back to your home unless and until the employer of yours possess any special requirement. So, if you have purchased any property over there then you have to sell that possession before leaving the country. In other words there is no mechanical changeover in the direction of a PR visa. Under this situation you have no other choice just end up the scene by selling the property. By owing a property you don’t have to spend the amount in paying the rent moreover by selling the property you can earn a quite good amount of profit also. Thus owning a home in foreign land would not bring any harm but provide you an extra monetary benefit which is good for you.

An immigrant can enjoy the permanent residency if he/she immigrates on permanent visa basis or obtains residency.