Call for fast-track visas for foreign cooks, chefs

And proposals are on for extension of Australia 457 visas to include bar workers, waiters, managers and skilled chefs. Australia immigration department is also working to introduce simpler norms for 457 visa holders.

Australia reviews tougher English norms for foreigner workers—Foreign workers are currently required to fulfill tougher English language requirements.

However, the government is reviewing such norms currently. It needs to be worth mentioned that the Australian hospitality industry has urged the government to issue increased number of fast-track visas for foreign cooks and chefs. In addition, there are calls for lowering the tougher rules of ‘functional English’.

Australia government is currently reviewing tougher norms for 457 visa aspirants wanting to come and work in Australia.

The hospitality industry of Australia wants the government not only to waive the requirements for English language but also wants to eliminate the minimum salary requirement of $53,900.

Giving details about this, chief executive of Restaurant and Catering Australia John Hart said a large number of foreigners coming to Australia on 457 visas include chefs and cooks. And it’s a fact that majority do not use English language, he further adds.

So, it does not seem appropriate to have a tougher English language requirement for chefs, cooks and other such workers in the workplace, he clarified.

Same award wages called for foreign hospitality workers—Foreign hospitality workers coming to work in Australia must be paid the same award wages as given to Australian workers. Australia must abolish the minimum salary threshold for holders of 457 visas and provide wages as paid to Australian workers.

Australia is currently facing a shortage of around 56,000 workers. And the nation needs to lure foreigners having skills for working in the Australian hospitality sector.

This becomes all the more relevant keeping in view the fact that Australian workers are not willing to work as chefs and cooks. A large number of foreigners are willing to come to Australia on 457 visas and work here as temporary workers.

But, tougher Australia visa rules prevent employers from hiring such foreign workers. Moreover, Australian workers are not ready to work on weekends(this is despite the fact that Australian workers are offered time and a half on weekends.

The reason being that Australians consider such jobs as part-time employment while foreigners consider it as a profession.