California makes medical coverage accessible to illegal immigrants

A study reveals that almost 25% of the undocumented immigrants live in California, constituting almost 10% of the population here.
The study also shows that this population grew by 13% between 2000 and 2006.

Keeping this high number in mind The California Department of health Care services estimates that a big number of illegal immigrants would be covered with medical facilities.

A report also shows that almost 1 million undocumented immigrants are uninsured in California.

Medical security for Illegal immigrants

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act initiated by president Obama was designed to make health insurance affordable and accessible for the Americans who can’t bear a high cost treatment.

The service like this is meant to provide benefit to those 28% illegal immigrants who pay a visit to the emergency rooms in the State.

These people have security in the form of Medicaid too.
Another program in the name of Media-Cal which spends more than 1 billion dollars meant for covering those patients who can’t afford heavy weight treatments. And this is another help to those illegal immigrants who visit 3% of the emergency rooms in Californian hospitals.

Affordable Care Act enrolled as high as 625,000 people in health care plans.

Reserving the rights of illegal immigrants
The State does not penalize the illegal immigrants only because they don’t have the mandate. These undocumented immigrants can always get medical services at emergency medical care unit. This is maintained under federal law.

Congressional Research Service says that Illegal immigrants cannot be penalized for not complying by not having a health insurance.

The resistance
A Republican from Iowa says that Obama’s health care reform would be providing lire benefits to more than 5 million illegal aliens. For availing his service the Government would not seek for confirming any citizenship or immigration status.

An expert says that tax paying Americans cannot be made to pay the bills for providing medical benefits to those who are present as undocumented immigrants under health care reform plan.

However, dismissing the opinions coming from various corners, Obama cleared the air by saying that the health care reforms are not meant for those who are present here illegally.

Lawmakers also informed that Americans would need to pay federally dictated medicine and if they don’t do so then they will have to pay a penalty of $695. But this law is not meant for illegal immigrants because they would not be asked to buy a health insurance. And even then they will be able to avail benefits in the emergency rooms of hospitals. For all this, the lawmakers say that the tax burden would come on Americans, which they think is simply unfair.

California has been planning a lot of new things for those who are present here illegally. However, there are experts who have been opposing the idea of providing medical benefits in emergency rooms, even though an illegal immigrant does not pay for insurance and neither does he contribute to the taxes.