Calgary loses sheen amongst Immigrants

Conference Board of Canada reports the negative job prospects in Calgary and few more provinces of the nation.

In the last ten years or so, Calgary experienced Immigrants as a major part of its growing population, but, the scenario has changed in the recent past.

The city had a galore of employment opportunities, a sound education and a lot many facilities to offer to the Immigrants.

The challenges faced by the Immigrants

The entry of Sudanese Immigrants in the province has reduced the availability of employment for other foreign nationals. The immigrants expect a sound education system and other basic amenities. But, the education has got disrupted in the recent past, offering disappointments to the immigrants.

Canadians moving here from other provinces want a better set of facilities for their children and themselves, but the deterioration causes disappointment in them.

The deterioration

Average Test results rate the Junior High schools here somewhere at the bottom which could be mainly due to adequate quality of teaching imparted in the schools.

The language barrier is another challenge which prevents students from getting entry into High Schools and Colleges or Universities too.

About 42% of the learners attend school only at the age of 20-35. There is a lack of Federal support for education which reduces the possibility of immigrants or the natives to go for higher education. In turn, they have to slog for earning their survival needs. They don’t get a “well rewarding” job forcing them to lead a “substandard life”.

The glorious past

In a survey conducted by Mercer Human Resource Consulting for more than 200 cities, Calgary was ranked 24th. The survey was based on life determinant factors including social, economic and environmental conditions.

The population growth has been quite high which had a major percentage as Foreigners or immigrants.
In 2001, the city had almost 200,000 of immigrants whereas the numbers rose to 250,000 by 2006.The city had a faster rate of growing immigrant population.

Immigrants move to place which allows them to enjoy a happy life style and provide them with all basic amenities. Calgary had been providing such facilities to the people coming, but, there has been a setback in the recent past which is responsible for discouraging the influx of foreign population.