Beware of Immigration Consultant Frauds

For all those who are very eager to immigrate to different countries for various purposes like studying, looking for career opportunities or settling down and for this purpose are interested in engaging the immigration consultant, needs to be careful while hiring them.

It has been noticed that the urgency of wanting to immigrate among the aspirant may lead them to select some immigration consultants which in turn results in frauds and also the loss of high amount of their hard earned money.

Here are some tips that will help you guide how to hire a safe consultant without being get cheated.

First of all one should know that these immigration consultants are just the there to provide assistance they are not any authorities, then the person one is considering to consult should have a good reputation and should be an expert in performing non-legal immigration things and should be charging very nominal fee only. One should be extra careful with those who claim about fast processing of visas and other formalities.

One should always initiate a written contract listing all the service they will provide with the consultant that too in either English or the language which one could understand.

One should strictly avoid paying direct cash rather one should pay by check or the credit card which has a proper record and should get a receipt of it.
One should avoid giving the original certificates or the other important documents like birth certificates, passports etc, to the consultants, rather the copies must be used for the purpose they might not handle them with care or can tamper with it.

Special care should be taken care while signing the application form, or the application to be filed to the government authorities, it should be first read and then only signed, if one is not able to understand some document it should not be signed at all. Everything signed by the person should be containing all the correct facts, no signature should be made on any forged fact stated just to get the visa.

One should take care if somebody advertises about the consultancy service is a notario as they are just a notary public in U.S. it is not any attorney so it should not be mistaken with that.

Before choosing the consultancies one should be aware that in most states for the immigration consultant laws it is not legally allowed to charge a fee for reference of a client to the attorney.

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