Best Canada Scholarships for International students

Well, here is detailed information about best Canada scholarships for making your study in Canada affordable. So, lets see some of the best Canada scholarships for international students.

Best Canada Scholarships for foreign students—Canada offers a range of scholarships that cover a substantial part of your Canada study costs. You will be glad to know that such scholarships are offered by some Canadian institutes for exceptionally talented international students or those with exceptional results for studying in Canada.

You need to keep in mind that the total amount of Canada scholarships for international students(or Student aid in Canada) can vary from one Canada study institute to another.

Let’s see fully-funded or best Canada scholarships for foreign students—

Quebec Merit Scholarship for international students—Foreign students or international students (excluding Canada permanent residents or Canada citizens or those having applied for Canada permanent residency) who are already enrolled in either Graduate or Postdoctoral Studies can apply for such scholarship.

McGill Scholarships for international students in Canada—Studying in Canada can prove to be a costly affair for any foreign students.

So, keeping in view this fact, McGill offers student aids, scholarships and awards to international students for studying Canada. If you happen to be a newly admitted student for undergraduate course of study, you are eligible for application to McGill Entrance Scholarship Program.

Ontario Graduate Scholarship Programme—This Canada scholarship program for making study in Canada affordable is meant for international students of different disciplines. For this, you need to submit an acceptance proof to any Ontario university and get a valid student authorization too.

CCSP—CCSP(Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship Program) is known for offering scholarships to nations having membership of the Commonwealth. This program by Canadian government aims to enable international students to pursue their study in Canada by offering financial support to them. The program includes living expenses, travel expenditure as well as tuition fee in Canada.

University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships—UMGF are the awards based on merit and allow students(including international students) to be registered as full-time graduate students(either Masters or Ph.D students) at the University of Manitoba in any discipline. Such students must have at least above B+(3.75) at any recognized university(in Bachelor’s/Master’s/Graduate diploma/Doctoral degree).

National Research Council of Canada—For those having masters degree in engineering or Ph.D holders in engineering or natural science, National Research Council of Canada offers scholarships.