The benefits of Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee program

Someone willing to become permanent resident of Canada can do so with the help of Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee program (NSPNP).

The aim of the program
The larger aim is to attract the best of the skilled immigrants across the world. These immigrants are made to enter the country as skilled workers. They either enjoy the status of temporary foreign worker or permanent resident. These applicants get more preference in compared to the other applicants.

An applicant could apply as a worker or even as an entrepreneur. However there could be slight variation from one province to another.

Nova Scotia provincial nominee program

This program lends a platform to the applicants to work, get educated and integrate with Canadian society faster than many other programs.

The path of obtaining permanent residency gets shorter and more efficient if one applies through this program.

An applicant who gets through would receive Nova Scotia provincial Nomination Certificate, and this accelerates the process of becoming a permanent resident of the country. The program also enables the spouse and the dependent children to apply for PR along with the applicant.

Categories for making an application
One can apply under the given categories:
Regional Labor Market Demand Stream
Skilled Worker Stream
Family Business Worker
Regional Labor Market Demand Stream allows applicants holding skills and experience required in the labor market of the province to make an application. One should check the list of 43 occupations and find out if his skills belong to the list or not. It is not mandatory to hold a job offer from an employer in Canada.

Those applying under Skilled Worker steam should hold a job offer from an employer in the province. Ho0wever those who are skilled or semi-skilled or even possess low skills can make an application under this category.

For applying under Family Business Worker Category one should hold ma job offer from a close family member.
For all the above mentioned categories an applicant should be in the age range of 21 to 55 years. They have to meet a set of criteria for making an application under this category.

Language requirements
Those making an application under this program would not be required to write the international English Language Testing System (IELT), a feature which is uncommon with other programs in other provinces. Therefore, those who are applying under this program are relived from getting stressed out preparing for this test. It is rather difficult to locate an IELT center or to fix up a date to appear for the same or even to prepare for the test.

NSPNP provides big amount of benefits to the applicants by not only allowing them to enter Canada faster than many other options, but also, saves them from appearing for a language proficiency test. Therefore, this program is preferred by many whom want to integrate with Canadian society. The program provides quite a large number of options and hence making things easier for the immigrants.