Becoming permanent Residents gets easier for Registered Nurses

Very recently, Canada immigration announced a program which would help immigrants relocate to Canada and become permanent residents. This program I not capped though, the Government reserves the right of closing it at its own convenience.

The criteria to be followed by the applicants:
An applicant need not hold a job offer or even an employment offer, but should be in the age range of 21 to 55 years.

One need not have a relative in the country for relocating, but should hold medium level of proficiency in English.

The work experiment
Immigration Department selected 25 occupations under this category and registered Nurses are one of them. They should hold a minimum of two years of experience in the last five years.

Getting registered

A nurse should get registered as Canadian Nurses Association (CNA). To initiate the process a nurse who has obtained a degree from a foreign organization sho0uld get her credentials assessed first. There are provinces who have introduced services to attach the nurses trained on an international land to Canada. One can always apply through either Canadian Experience Class or provincial Nominee Program.

Before this one should be qualified to work as registered Nurse or Licensed/Registered Practical nurse. The license can be obtained either from Canadian Nurses Association or Canadian Council for practical Nurse Regulators (CCPNR).

Applying for Permanent Residency
The Quebec option
The province has a rapid growth in health care sector and it offers a sound salary to the nurses. Through QSW program, international nurses could obtain permanent residency even if they don’t hold a job offer in hand.

Points are awarded on the basis of age, training obtained, experience and even language proficiency. On meeting the criteria don getting a decent pass mark one would get a Quebec Selection Certificate. This actually leads to the path of permanent residency.
Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program
This is another program which is developed according to the regional Labor market Demand Stream.

Important points to be noted
Those holding a full time work experience of less than two years cannot apply for NSPNP.
Also, NSPNP will not accept more than 150 applications.
QSW has a capping of 20,000, beyond which no applications would accept.
Language test will not be a reason for someone getting eliminated from these options.
To enjoy the benefits of language, one should be below 35 years of age and should hold a work experience of 4 years. All these would facilitate the process.

Becoming a permanent resident is a dream for many, and with new program in place, Canada offers a good opportunity to the nurses who could get registered here. All they need to do is to meet the given criteria and score good points to reach closer to their dream of becoming a Canadian Citizen. Holding the required work experiment would p-lay a jay role in earning points and also if someone has a sound knowledge of English or French could think of being in an advantageous position.