Be wary of fake US visa packages

This has been warned by the Bureau of Immigration.

Fake US visas—A syndicate is allegedly involved in duping potential US visa applicants of large sums of money in lieu of fake US visas. People are being cautioned to avoid falling prey to such fake US visa packages. The immigration officials detected these bogus US visas since they have been trained for finding out fraudulent travel documentation.

And anyone found to be travelling with a bogus US visa is going to face immediate deportation to his or her native nation, the immigration officials warn.

The message for potential US visa seekers is to be wary of any such syndicate or people who aim at unsuspecting innocent victims to grab money after promising a valid US visa.

The US visa scam lures aspirants of US visas to purchase a travel package that, they say, includes a valid legal US visa.

This bogus US visa is stated to be a two-way trip to America and is named as ‘US round trip package’.

Immigration officials warn –Speaking about the issue, Philippines Commissioner Richardo David Jr. said recently a woman from Philippines was found to be falling prey to the unscrupulous sellers of fake US visa packages. As per the information, a Filipino woman was prevented by immigration officials from boarding a plane for the US on 19th November, 2012.

She happens to be among the two passengers falling prey to the activities of fake US visa sellers.

When queried, the two passengers revealed they had paid as much as P350,000 each for getting what they thought to be a round trip package for US. Citing their ignorance about the visas being fake, they felt helpless.

The victims were told that they were not required to appear for any US visa interview before a US consulate at a US embassy, Richardo David Jr. informed.

Head of the Travel Control and Enforcement unit of NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport), Bienvenido Castillo, said the visa was made poorly. The two US visas did not have security features that are present in the new Lincoln visa of America.

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