Avoid falling prey to immigration fraud-CIC

Foreigners wanting to come to Canada must not get lured by several websites claiming to offer legitimate immigration services for Canada immigration, maintains CIC(Citizenship and Immigration Canada).

Don’t get trapped by fake immigration websites—CIC has clearly stated that these days, it is not uncommon for websites to use CIC logo or Canada landmark for cheating innocent potential immigrants seeking immigration to Canada.

Many such websites also promise great future to those desirous of moving to Canada by guaranteeing them high-paying jobs in Canada.

But, the sad thing is that all such promises are fake leading to loss of money for the concerned potential immigrant.

Go for paid Canada immigration advisers—So, the alternative suggested by CIC is clear. Paying for Canada immigration advice is the best solution to avoid falling in the trap of fake immigration advisers. Findings of a recent study suggest using a paid immigration adviser for immigration to Canada is directly correlated to success of applications for Canada immigration.

Those who charge a fee for advising people with regard to Canada immigration application or proceeding are authorized by Canada immigration department CIC to work as immigration advisers, immigration lawyers, immigration consultants, Quebec notaries and paralegals by a law society.

Tips by CIC and the Competition Bureau to avoid getting trapped by immigration fraud

• Doing your homework before you proceed to hire an immigration consultant is important if you don’t want to become a fraud victim, says Canada immigration. Seek referral from some trusted person or agency and check various credentials, and ask the services offered by them.

• Exercise caution regarding websites advertized in emails from unknown people and never give your personal details unless you are sure about who they are.

• Government of Canada has not given affiliation to any immigration consultant website. So, in case of any suspicion, search the internet to know the truth.

• Don’t pay to anyone offering guaranteed jobs or faster application processing because all such claims are fake.

To help future applicants for Canada immigration, CIC has launched a campaign to spread awareness among prospective immigrants, Canada citizens and Canada permanent residents against crooked or bogus immigration consultants.

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