Australian citizenship: How To Become Citizen Of Australia?

The Australian government has come out with various types of application options which require you to fulfill different eligibility criteria. So it will be highly diligent if you go through all the eligibility rules and requirements before putting up your application for the citizenship.

Some of the steps you should take before applying are:

  • Checking whether you are eligible or not
  • Collecting original documents required
  • Making photocopies of these documents and getting them certified
  • Completing the whole application form and then submitting it along with the documents

Your application for Australian citizenship will only be accepted and taken into consideration if you have submitted all the documents and the required fee.
Options for application
While lodging an application, you come across different options and depending upon the eligibility criteria you fit in you have to select the appropriate application form. The options are

  • Australian citizenship by descent
  • Australian citizenship
  • Continuing your Australian citizenship
  • Australian citizenship by adoption
  • If you have a child of 16 years or below, his application form is lodged on the responsibility of the parent.
    Applying for Australian citizenship
    You can qualify for Australian citizenship application option in case, you are:

    • Partner or spouse of an Australian citizen
    • New Zealander living in Australia
    • Permanent resident migrant
    • Child of former citizen of Australia
    • Humanitarian or refugee entrant
    • Arrival through Commonwealth Child Migration Scheme
    • A man/woman born before 1975 in pre-independence period in Papua

    In all, the entire application process consists of 10 steps. The time that is taken for finalizing your Australian citizenship varies.
    Main documents required with application form
    Identity documents:
    It is important that your application form should carry certain original identity documents. These are:

    • Photograph
    • Signature
    • Birth name, birth date and gender
    • Residential address
    • Proof if name has been changed
    • Identity declaration form duly completed in front of appropriate authority

    Documents for good character: Almost all the applicants are expected to complete the National Police Checking Service (NPCS) Application/Consent Form for fulfilling the good character assessment. Some other requisites such as overseas police checks or overseas penal clearance certificates can be asked from the applicants who are above 18 years of age.
    Supporting documents: These documents are called for variety of reasons such as:

    • For claiming exemption from the requirement of residence
    • For proving that your either parent was a citizen of Australia or
    • For proving change of name evidence