Australia visa norms for offshore rig workers scrapped

And this is a big blow for many offshore workers .

Australia visa rules tightened following vote by Senate—Senate’s vote has resulted in tightening of Australia visa rules for offshore workers. As per the details, it is being alleged that the norms were resulting in exploitation of foreign workers.

Australia temporary visas lead to allowing skilled foreigners to get jobs at the expense of Australians.

Move to protect Australian jobs–According to Michaelia Cash, assistant minister for Immigration, foreign workers will now need to down tools. Nearly thousands of Australia jobs were at risk due to foreign workers being placed on Australian jobs by labor Senators, Cash affirmed.

Australia has, in a latest announcement, tightened visa norms for foreign workers.

Changes had meants that foreigners could get jobs in Australian waters at just nearly $1,000 each month. The ruling will enable foreign workers to take up work for a maximum period of three eyars in oil and gas zone without any need for an Australian visa.

The plans by the Coalition were to eliminate a requirement of having a 457 Australia skilled migration visa for oild and gas rig workers for working in Australia. And the Palmer United Party along with the Greens and Labor blocked the move in Australian Senate.

Chaos, confusion for foreign workers in Australia--Meanwhile, there are chaos following the latest announcement by Austrlalian government with regard to Australia visa norms.

Its being alleged that there is total confusion and chaos with regard to the Australia visa status of foreign workers employed on offshore oil rigs in Australian shores following cancellation of the Australian visa norms.

That’s because temporary foreign workers’ Australian visas will not be valid any longer. Its just at the stroke of a pen that an increasingly high number of Australia and international jobs have been thrown into jeopardy, informed Scott Barklamb, executive director of Australian Mines and Metals Association.

As per the National Secretary of the Maritime Union of Australia, Paddy Crumline, it’s a welcome step by Australia Senate.

He stated that the sensible Australian Senators know quite well that opening a back route to cheap foreign workers is not the answer. And there is a need for maintaining maritime skills base as well as ensuring viability of Australia jobs in Australia’s offshore sector, he further clarified.