Australia Subclass 457 temporary work skilled visa program

Australia has announced only nominal changes to its 457 Subclass temporary skilled work visa program.

457 Subclass temporary work visa program—Australia has announced a handful of changes to its Subclass 457 skilled work visa program. The changes were announced on 1st July, 2014.

Australia 457 skilled work visa program is open for temporary skilled foreigners wanting to work in Australia for a temporary period of time.

Salient features of a Temporary Work(skilled) visa—Australia Temporary Work visa or Australia subclass 457 visa is open for a skilled foreign worker wanting to come and work in Australia in their respective nominted occupation for a period of not more than four years.

However, the only point worth consideration in this regard is that such a skilled foreign worker can work only for his or her approved sponsor for the specified period.

The applicant foreign skilled worker needs to get sponsorship from any approved business. An approved business wanting to offer sponsorship to any temporary skilled worker(for Australia subclass 457 visa) can do so after sufficient efforts have been made for finding any Australia permanent resident or any Australia citizen for doing the skilled work in Australia.

Requirements for Australia 457 skilled work visa—An applicant can get his or her Australia temporary 457 skilled work visa if he or she fulfills following criteria—

• He or she has been sponsored by any approved business;

• He or she has the required skill-sets for filling the position nominated by any approved business.

So, if you happen to be a foreign skilled worker and have been given nomination by any business that needs to be an approved standard business sponsor(lawfully operating in or outside Australia), then you are a good applicant for an Australia 457 subclass visa.

Who is a standard business sponsor?—A standard business sponsor can offer nomination to a skilled foreign worker for Australia Subclass 457 visa. Such Australia Subclass 457 visas are meant for fulfilling skills shortages in the businesses in Australia.

Any sponsor can have just a single standard business sponsorship getting approval at any given point of time. The validity duration of a standard busines sponsorshi is three years.

Meanwhile, it needs to be worth notable that businesses trading in Australia for less than 12 months duration can get sponsorship approval for just one year. Extension for sponsorship can be received during this period of three years by making an application.