Australia streamlined student visa program expanded

The latest move by Australia immigration department is going to be of significant help for enabling foreign students to come and study in Australia.

Fast-track Australia visas—Australia has announced to implement a revised framework of Australia visas soon. A decision to this effect was taken on 13th April this year following a Council of Australian Governments meeting. As per the decision, those who are low immigration risk providers will be governed by a new streamlined framework.

This means some colleges in Australia will be provided access to a new streamlined process of Australia student visa assessments with effect from second half of 2013.

Less waiting times for Australia visas—The latest change announced by the government of Australia will help in lowering the waiting times for getting Australia visas by foreign students wanting to study at Australian colleges considered as low-risk.

That’s because such foreign students will get evaluated as low risk because of coming from nations considered to be level 1 risk assessment. Its going to be of great benefit for a large number of Australia visa aspirants especially those wanting to study in Australia.

Not only will foreign students wanting to study in Australia face lesser waiting periods but will also face lesser financial requirements for getting eligible for Australia immigration. The new process of Australia immigration rules will be available to Australian universities from this month. However, private colleges as well as TAFEs will have to wait for some time before gaining access to such facility.

Streamlined Australia visa process boosting international enrolments—Overseas enrolments in Australia are getting a big fillip thanks to the recent streamlining of Australia visa process. Its acting as a shield against the expected slowdown in the number of foreign student enrollments in Australian education institutes.

It has been noticed that more and more foreign students are getting encouraged to apply for enrolling in Australia education institutes. Moreover, students feel assured of their applications getting approved by Australia for studying there.

As per the latest official figures, the number of Australia visas granted in the first three months period was 10.5 percent more than the figures for the previous year.

Aim of streamlined Australia visa process is to significantly eliminate difficulties in the way of applicants while ensuring that only genuine foreign students are allowed entry into Australia.