Australia facing shortage of nearly 2200 computing professionals

This has led to an increased demand for IT specialists.

Computing professionals in short supply–-The survey undertaken by Candle, a recruitment firm, states the nation is short of IT skilled professionals despite increase in the supply of IT professionals over the quarter from 188,100 to 195,000 while there has been an increase in the demand for IT professionals for the quarter ending March this year by 197,000, the Skills Index has maintained.

The demand for skilled IT professionals in Australia is further going to move up due to requirements of the government.

According to Linda Trevor, executive general manager of Candle, the shortage of skilled IT professionals is being experienced by several government sectors as well as industries across the nation and the demand for required IT workforce is going to worsen in the coming times.

The demand for skilled computing professionals will be felt for the resource projects, bank IT projects, carbon tax management systems as well as the NBN (National Broadband Network) rollout which will have a direct impact on not just the skills but even the demand for wages in Australia.

It’s everywhere, from the big cities including Melbourne and Sydney to Western Australia and flood-affected Queensland as well, Trevor added.

Growing demand will boost average salaries of IT workers in Australia—Average salaries will go up as the companies in Western Australia will compete with one another to get the candidates with requisite IT skills to interstate relocation, she maintained. Wage pressures will result in an increase between 10 to 20 percent to even 30 percent in the Act with increased demand for IT skills in Australia, Trevor clarified.

Gender imbalance will continue in the IT industry of Australia due to few females with IT skills in the nation. Professionals with IT skills are in big demand in the telecommunications sector as Victoria and NSW (New South Wales) prepare for the recruitment of required staff following rollout of the NBN project., Trevor said.

Solutions for shortage of IT workers in Australia—

• Relaxation of Australia visa rules for the skills in short supply in Australia can solve the problem to a certain extent, suggested Trevor. This will result in getting foreign skilled workers including network engineers come and work in Australia adding the talent pool of the nation.

• Increasing the annual intake of immigrants under the Australian Skilled Migration Program for the coming year. Relaxing norms for 457 visa process can help recruitment firms in Australia get the required 457 visa holders with requisite IT skills for completion of various projects, Trevor asserted.

Currently, Australian recruitment firms need to pay around two percent of payroll expenses for providing training to Australian permanent residents as well as citizens of Australia which is a financial constraint on them.