Atlantic region: Has the Potential to become preferred spot with efforts

Last year, Association of Atlantic Universities (AAU) released a report in which it spoke about the struggle of Atlantic region in retaining immigrants on its land.
The report also suggested that the Universities in the region could be a major facilitator in attracting international students and making them settle down here.

The suggestions made in the report

The region should target to enroll as many as thousand students by 2020 along with attracting more than 500 students from the other provinces of Canada. These two would play a major role in strengthening the economic growth of the region.

The report mentions that a little less than 8,000 students had enrolled in Maritime Universities in 2012.

This number shows a greater increase by even more than 100% in the number of foreign students over the period of last ten years. At the same time students coming from other regions and provinces of Canada got increased by as high as 30%.

The underlying issues
In spite of the above mentioned figures that are quite encouraging, experts can see through some underlying issues which could be detrimental for region.

In a new report prepared by economic commission which was chaired by Ray Ivan, President of Acadia University, it was clearly mentioned that Atlantic region along with other regions faces a bi challenge in terms of economy and demography.

The report suggests the Universities have shown a great improvement in enrolling international students and hence they can build “academic vitality” through their institutions to attract them in future too. The report observes these educational institutions as major accelerators of ensuring population growth both from other parts of the country and also from foreign lands.

Strategy to retain the immigrants
The report prepared also suggests that private sectors should focus upon providing job to the international students after they graduate from Universities in the region.

More than 50 Business Connectors have been reported to be linked up with international students and immigrants under Greater Halifax Partnership Connector program.

AAU also suggests that such connector programs should widespread across the Atlantic region.

The opinion is also to take help of programs like Canadian Experience Class for attracting newcomers to the country.

There are experts suggesting the concept of uniting private bodies and Government efforts like CEC program which can jointly ensure that international students not only complete their education but they also stay back and integrate with the country.

Atlantic region along with others, have been holding a good track record in terms of foreign students enrollment. However, these students move away to either their own countries or to other regions in the want of settling down faster and better. Therefore, the turn out of this population is quite high which disturbs the demography of the region. Looking at the situation, various studies have been conducted and reports have been published. They also suggest in the same line of making efforts of retaining these students and luring them to become a permanent part of the region so that it can become stronger even economically.