Asylum seekers whose refugee applications have not been granted asked to return home

The asylum system of Canada aims to ensure fairness by protecting the genuine refugees, removing failed asylum seekers and upholding the tradition of the country.
Changes in the immigration and refugee protection system:
The new legislations such as the Protecting Canada's Immigration System Act and the Balanced Refugee Reform Act which came into force on December 15, 2012 have brought many new changes in the refugee laws of the country.
These legislations are likely to bring about major changes in refugee status determination system of the nation that aims to deliver quicker decisions, check abuse and remove rejected refugee claimants.
These enactments also include measures to add strength to the immigration system by checking identity fraud in the country. As such the Acts are likely to affect asylum seekers.
Minister Kenney declared that the country will continue to have one of the most fair asylum systems in the whole world. Official statistics reveal that Canada has provided asylum to over 300 Hungarians in the last few years. Kenney further stated that the country welcomes refugees more than many other countries in the world and are also going to increase the number very soon. However the new legislation provides measures to check irregular refugees in the country.
Asylum seekers asked to go back to their native lands:
The Conservative government of Canada tends to change its refugee laws recently to check fake refugee claims from foreign nationals who try to take advantage of the generous policy of the country.
The government says that the country wants to continue as one of the world's best options for refugees but those refugees should fulfill all the required norms.
One of the main principles of the new asylum system of Canada will be the removal of people whose refugee claims have not been allowed by the Immigration and Refugee Board.
Asylum seekers whose refugee applications have not been granted or have been already exhausted will be provided with the option to return home either of their own or upon risk being taken from their community and they will be returned to detention.
The Immigration Department is preparing a policy that is likely to affect asylum seekers as they would have no further scope of appeal. An applicant who has not obtained a positive response on his or her asylum claim will have no other option than to get back to their native land.
Though the right to claim asylum is provided in international law, but the Canadian Government aims to provide protection only to those people who would fulfill the criteria for asylum.
The new refugee system would completely meet the international and domestic legal obligations of the country towards the asylum seekers.

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