Areas with poor employment opportunities stop the immigration consultants from recommending

Most of the places are highly recommended by the Immigration Consultants in Canada. However, there are some places which are not recommended by them. Some of these places are Dig by, Yarmouth and Clare.

Why are these places not recommended?
These places are not recommended mainly due to lack of employment opportunities. Unemployment rates re as high as 13% and 12.5% in areas like Dig by and Yarmouth.

There are places which provide a rare support of training him immigrants for a given skill or according to the requirement of the industry. And hence these rates do not attract the attention of consultants.

Talking about Digby, the place has seen a loss in population by more than 6% merely from 2006 to 2011, and the unemployment rate has touched the height of 13%.

Vancouver is ano0ther place where educated immigrants are stuck into survival jobs. And here immigrants report that the major issues are accreditation of freeing credentials and even isolation and discrimination for them to move away from job opportunities.

How sad is the story?
There are people coming from abroad holding a medical degree and a huge experience in their own country are having to stick with a job which could help them survive somehow. The immigrant’s complaint that most of the job are not advertised and even if they are, the employer generally picks someone who is known to him. So, one need to have a source or a backing for getting a job.

According to Statistics Canada’s report published in 2008 more than 50% of the immigrants coming o the country after 2002, hold a university degree. However, the unemployment rate for immigrants is four times more in compared to those who are born in the country.

The story is even more discouraging to learn that 85% of the immigrants coming from Europe get an employment in compared to only a little more than 60% of them coming from Asian countries.

Who will be best suited?
These places where there is a bleak employment opportunity, one can always come here as an immigrant’s investor or even as an entrepreneur.
Looking at the property prices one would feel attracted to buy one and settle down in many of these places because it would fall under affordability range.

<>strong>What are the claims made?
Claims are made that places like Digby have attracted immigrants from as many as 20 different countries. Some of these countries are Europe, Netherlands, Asia, Germany and even Middle East.

Some fun the officials in these areas also inform that more j0bs are likely to come for the immigrants. They also recommend these places due to their beauty and low property prices.

When immigrants leave their houses and come to a different country, all they want is employment and a good life. They want to settle down as fast as possible and for this they want a stable job. However, some of the places in the country are not recommended due to narrow opportunity for job.