Are you appearing for a Marriage based Green Card Interview? Get prepared well

When you intend to get either a visa or a green card based on your marriage to a US citizen, then you really need to prepare yourself better.

Important points to be remembered

• Your U.S. based citizen or permanent resident spouse should accompany you, while you are going to attend the interview. However, if your fiancé or spouse is overseas ten he need not attend the interview along with.
• You will be required to submit a lot of documents, the Affidavit of Support being the most important one which is to reflect your spouse’s financial status and capacity to bear all your expenditure starting from your air tickets to your stay in US.
• You will have to submit as many genuine documents to prove that your marriage is certainly not for the sake of convenience.
• In some cases both the partners/spouses would be asked the same set of questions separately and the answers for all of them would be compared.
• You must be thorough with every information you have provided across all he documents submitted by you.
• Various documents you should carry with yourself would be “appointment notice, report of medical exam, a passport which holds validity and many such documents”.
• You can wear a dress which is professional, soothing and neat, and which may not be quite modern too.

The various areas where you will be questioned

The Immigration officials may ask anything and everything related to your marriage which may not sound logical to you all the time.

This is to be sure if your marriage is genuine or not. Some of the areas are mentioned below:

• They may ask you questions pertaining to the initiation of your relationship which could be the circumstances, the place, the clothes, the food you ate when you met first and the gift you received from your spouse and many such questions which you tend to forget.
• They may question you about the wedding day and the related happenings like the venue, the kind of attire both of you wore, the number of people attending your wedding, the menu, the various other aspects of that auspicious day.
• You can also expect them to ask you about your own daily routine and that of your spouse as well. Be prepared to answer about mundane activates like cooking, cleaning, getting the kids ready for school and many such questions.
• There can be questions about your personal lives and families too.
• Amid other things they might ask you some of the tricky questions like the future plans, the mode of survival if you are without your spouse in US and many such questions which could reflect upon your capability to face the life in US.

No one can actually give you a guarantee that the questions would be somewhere from the hints given above, however, there would be many points where they will verify facts about your relationship. If you are genuine and true you need not worry about any of the questions, but again the last minute revision is very much required.