Are US work permits a solution for US H-1B visa holders’ spouses?

However, the point to be considered here is that is this step going to solve the problem of spouses of US H-1B visa holders in any way or not.

Identity crisis of US H-1B visa holders’ spouses?—Spouses of US H-1B visa holders currently are not allowed to work in the US. And this definetely means a big problem for the such US H-1B visa holders’ spouses.

Why? Because if they decide to accompany their spouses(having US H-1B visas)to the US, they cannot pursue any employment in the US. And this does prove to be an obstacle in the career growth.

Each year, a growing number of US H-1B visa holdes go to the US and majority of them are from India. Going by the figures of the year 2013, around 55,000 IT professionals including engineers immigrated to the US on US H-1B visas.

The US administration’s proposal of allowing US work permits to US H-1B visa holder’s spouses is being considered as a big step.

New rules for US H-1B visa holders’ spouses—However, the new proposals being reveiewed by the US government of allowing work permits to spouses of US H-1B visa holders is being considered to provide a big relief to the US H-1B visa holders’ spouses.

As per the details, the US DHS(Department of Homeland Security) is considering to make the nation more attractive for luring foreign IT professionals and other high-skilled workers for boosting the US economy. This will also help in creation of new jobs and give a competitive edge to the US economy.

Spouses of US H-1B visa holders who possess high skill-sets are likely to get job opportunities in the US.

This will especially be applicable for the outstanding or those with higher skills for boosting the US economy.

Who might benefit from the new US H-1B visa holders’ spouses—As per the information available, US H-1B visa holders’ spouses who have successfully finished six years in the US and have also filed for extension of US H-1B visas on the basis of having filed cases of US Green Card a minimum of one year earlier.

Hence, it becomes evident that only a handful of US H-1B visa holders’ spouses will be benefiting from this proposed rules for US H-1B visa holders’ spouses.

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