Applying for a US Student Visa

Well, lets see the details and various requirements for getting a US student visa.

Studying in the US—Studying in the US is, undoubtedly, a dream come true for many foreigners. And if you are lucky enough to grab a place in the US school or US university for pursuing a study course in the US, then the next step for you is to get a US student visa for successfully starting your US study course.

US student visa—

Now, you want to know about the process of applying for a US Student Visa. So, let us provide various details for US Student Visa process for the information of all US student visa aspirants.

US Student Visa process is provided in details here for the benefit of all US student visa aspirants wanting to study in the US.

US study visa can be either a US F1 visa or a US M1 visa. US F1 visa is needed for attending a US college, school(elementary or high school), US university or any other institute(academic).

Meanwhile, a US M visa is required for attending any vocational institute or any recognised non-academic institute in the US.

The best thing to know about the exact category of US Student visa is to ask the US embassy official or the US consular official to avoid making any mistake.

Applying online for US student visa—This is the next step in the process of getting a US Student visa.

The good thing is that you can make an application online for getting a US study visa. The process is almost similar to the system of US Visitor visa.

You will have to fill the DS-160 visa application. And the requisite application fee will be required to be submitted along with all the relevant documents. Documents required for US Student visa at the time of interview—

• I-20 form(to be received by you from your school after your admission has been processed by the school). Kindly assure that the entry date mentioned on the form I-20 is the date that is not passed yet;

• An evidence of having sufficient funds for supporting a minimum of first year of US study along with a plan for covering remaining studies in the US. (proof like bank statements etc.).

• SEVIS(Student and Exchage Visitor Information System)fee’s payment confirmation.

• Recent evidence, transcripts and or standard test scores for evidence of your being a bona fide student intening to study in the US.