Applying for US Citizenship? Avoid the common errors

An Immigration Official at USCIS says, “People focus too much on studying the questions on Citizenship test. They skip double checking the application before submitting it.”

And this could be true in your case too, if you’re planning to apply for US Citizenship you need to look into various areas and not just concentrate on preparing for the test.

Preparing yourself
You must understand that only clearing the test is not enough but every step involved is equally important.

Right from filling up the application form, to submitting, preparing and appearing for test, every step has its own significance.

Therefore, one must follow some foot he given tips to ensure a successful journey
• Fill up the application quite minutely and see to it that you fill it up with a cool brain.
• You should fill it up in a neat handwriting so that officials can read the same.
• Stick to blue or black ink while filling up the apparition, because any other colour would go unnoticed when scanned.
• Double check the filled in form, if possible get it checked by a third person as well.
• See if you have attached all the relevant documents asked for serially and not haphazardly.
• Any document that is not submitted in English, you must supply a translated version of the same in English so that official could read the same.
• Never report any information that is false, because an immigration official is free to ask and cross check any information you have provided in the form. If you are caught, your apparition will get out rightly cancelled.
• Paying the correct amount is another important step. You don’t have to pay less or more than the amount asked for and in the way it has been asked for. Don’t look for your convenience while making the payment.
• Follow the rules to the core by minutely reading each and every line to the greatest possible detail.
• When you are preparing for the test you must ensure that you are competent enough in English.
• Quoting wrong marital status is another blunder that people make. Sometimes they think that displaying a single status would help the situation but it rarely does, if you are married in reality.
• If you are not able to make it for the interview then make sure that you inform the officials in rating and with some time in hand and not in the last minute.

Some of the hindrances are:
• Lack of fluency in English
• Lack of civic knowledge
• Any kind of criminal record (which could be mild) and or immigration history.

Becoming a US citizen is a dream for all the permanent residents and immigrants who come to US. It clears the way out for many things in future and earns a peaceful living for them in US> But, applying and appearing for interview is a matter which needs detailed attention. One can never afford to blink the eyes while going through the entire process.

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