Alberta facing shortage of workers

This has been revealed by Rona Ambrose, Public Works Minister.

Labor shortage hits Alberta--Giving details, Ambrose said there is no denying the fact that the point raised by businesses in Alberta is genuine. This Canadian province is facing a severe shortage of required workforce to be employed by the businesses.

This is despite the fact that the annual intake levels of immigration has been increased by the government of Canada for Alberta.

Businesses are still experiencing skills-shortage despite an increase in the annual quota for immigrants coming to Alberta, Ambrose clarified.

Shortage of 77,000 workers predicted in Alberta—According to senior manager of E&Y’s oil and gas practice, Lance Mortlock, a shortfall of nearly 77,000 workers is predicted to hit Alberta in the coming decade due to baby boomers reaching retirement.

However, the businesses will find it difficult to cope up with such a huge shortage of workforce, he warned. Findings of a recent survey involving human resource managers of oil and gas firms highlighted availability of labor as the top concern of businesses in Alberta. And among the key challenges faced by businesses are attracting and retention of talented and skilled workers along with providing training to enable experiences to such workers.

The survey further revealed a huge shortage of field engineers, project engineers, project managers, drilling services workers, geosciences workers and individuals in several other trades.

No wonder, to solve the huge scarcity of workers, many firms are resorting to immigrant workers.

Increased training needed for underemployed, unemployed—A good solution for this problem could be in the form of increased training opportunities to people facing joblessness or those working below their potential, she maintained.

This includes immigrants as well as Canadians to help get jobs in accordance with the requisite qualifications and skill-sets, added Ambrose.

Canadians living in other provinces struggling with the issue of underemployment must be encouraged to move to Alberta to solve the problem of shortage of labor here. That’s because Alberta has the lowest unemployment rate of five percent in Canada.