Aging Immigrants not preferred by Canada

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has brought in a few changes in in the Immigration criteria for skilled workers, which is being used for the last ten years. . According to this, the language proficiency will be given more weight-age and points, experience of a worker in Canada will be given more values, and the credentials earned by an immigrant would be checked and verified against the standards of Canada and the most significant of all this is the preference given to young immigrants.
Any applicant who is in the age range of 18 to 35 and have a proficiency in English or French which are the two official languages of the nation would get preference over the others.

Any applicant immigrant who is over the age of 47 will get a zero point for age while his application is being considered and gauged. An applicant who is in the age range of 18 to 35 may get 12 points which is the maximum score for this criterion.

Government believes that the older immigrants make least possible contributions to the economy of the nation. There are also cases when these immigrants work for a very short period and are either unable to work or return back to their own countries.

The opinion is also that young immigrates can work for higher wages and a longer period so the investment in terms of time and resources is not wasted if they are hired.

The changes have been introduced after a research which suggests that immigrants with age on their side make more of financial contributions than those with an old age.

Also the research has suggested that Immigrants it fluency in any of the official languages of the nation are dusted better and faster ink compared to the ones who have inadequate knowledge of either English or French. Hence after the changes are brought into effect more of points will be rewarded to the proficient applicants in English or French. In fact 28 points have been allotted to language proficiency increasing the same from previous 24 points.

According to some experts, these criteria will curb entry of immigrants coming from China and South Asia as people of these regions are not so proficient with English or French.

The new rules have reduced the work experience of an applicant outside Canada; rather the one from this country would be preferred. Previously 21 points were awarded tow or experience even from outside but now it has been reduced to 15 points. Previously an applicant could get the maximum score with a work experience of 4 years in Canada now; it has to be for 6 years.

All the credentials earned by an individual will be verified gains the Canadian Standards and then points will be awarded. Also professionals like farmer, chef and cook can apply under Federal Skilled Trades Class which has been newly introduced.

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