8 tips to get a job in a poor economy

1. Get smarter, act faster—The best way to get a job in the tough economic times is to act in a smart way. This includes updating your CV (curriculum vitae) by including few examples of your ability to excel in tough times. Make around 4-5 calls every day to networking contacts. Make it a habit to follow up immediately once you get in contact with someone or know of any opportunity. And don’t forget to call back as soon as possible while sending thank you email on the day of your interview.

2. Get innovative—Try new things to cast a good spell in the bad times. Become creative and accept new challenges. Attend 
networking happenings in new social circles, industries and towns. Look for employment in small business enterprises also.

3. Relocate to a region with jobs—Relocate to a place which offers greater job opportunities even during economic slowdown. It could prove to be a wise decision.

4. Focus on your strengths- Develop and focus on your strengths rather than focusing on correcting on your weaknesses. This will ultimately minimize your weaknesses.

5. Speak about yourself—Tell your contact information and talk about yourself to people. This can help you get a job in the coming times. This method, though informal, will help you succeed in the tough times.

6. Don’t put all eggs in single basket—Do not commit the mistake of putting all eggs in one basket as this will limit your chances of landing a good job. Get registered with several placement agencies in your area.

7. Don’t restrict yourself with self-imposed limits— Self-imposed limitations can hinder your chances of getting jobs. Get flexible and diversify your opportunities in a bad economy.

8. Don’t show your desperation—Never show your prospective employers that you are desperate to get a job. Remember, no one will employ someone who seems to be desperate to land a job. Exhibit a confident and upbeat disposition while appearing for a job interview.