77 percent Brits want immigration cut

The updated ‘citizenship survey’ stated that nearly 77 percent British people want immigration to be slashed while more than 50 percent were in favor of reducing the immigration numbers. 

The survey by the Department of Communities and Local Government has been studying views of people about community bonding since the year 2001. The recent poll comes at a time when the local councils have been finding it tough to cope up with the high immigration numbers resulting in overburdening of public services in the UK including hospitals and schools.

Meanwhile, there has been no respite in the attitude of British people towards immigrants. Students, degree holders and better-paid 
workers were more preferable as immigrants than the wage scale and uneducated people.

The voice of the British people as conveyed in the survey was echoed by Tory Nicholas Soames and Labor MP Frank Field, co-chairmen of the Cross-Party Group on Balanced Migration. Both said that British population was right in saying that immigration numbers should be reduced to prevent population touching the figure of 70 million in 2029.

Damian Green, the Shadow Immigration Minister agreed with the British public’s opinion in the survey that immigration needs to be 
controlled to ease increasing burden on public services of the UK.

The immigration issue is becoming a key issue for the forthcoming elections. It is being argued by Labor that the points-based system is proving beneficial in cutting immigrant numbers (of non-EU workers).

The survey also revealed nearly 84 percent of people, irrespective of their origin, agreed that people from various backgrounds gel well together in the local neighborhood. Also, they expressed a strong sense of attachment to Britain. 

The Communities Department poll comes after a call was made to the immigrants by the Immigration Minister Phil Woolas to learn how to queue properly to integrate better in the country.