5 top ways for foreign investors to immigrate to Canada

We will explain the process of Canada immigration for a foreign investor in detail here. So, let us see the various requirements for a foreign investor wanting to immigrate to Canada. Different options for Canada investor immigration—

1. Canada’s Quebec Immigration Investor Scheme—The good thing about Quebec Immigration Investor Program is that it offers security of your funds along with low cost of involvement.

You can get details about Canada immigration as a foreign investor.

You need to make an investment of around $750,000(US dollars) with Quebec government for a period of five years(interest free).

And in lieu of this investment in Quebec, you will be able to become Quebec permanent resident in a period between 24 to 36 months.

So, you can come to Quebec along with your family immediately. You also get full amount repaid by Quebec after five years duration.

Great, isnt it! The only requirement is French language speaking ability.

However, if you happen to be an English speaker not having spoken ability in French, then you need to know that this immigration program is closed until September this year.

The good thing is that you can get loan from any financial intermediary if you don’t have sufficient funds for investment.

2. Inter-Corporate Transferee Work Visa—Canada permanent residency can be obtained if you have been transferred from your firm overseas to any affiliated Canada firm for working in Canada. For this, you need to have worked for a minimum of one year in the period of last three years and your Canada job needs to be similar to your job in your native nation.

3. PNP—PNP(Provincial Nominee Program) are something like Section 205 work visa.

You need to have a net worth of around $560,000(funds required for Prince Edward Island PNP).

You need to put around $185,000 as refundable security, make investment of $185,000 in any business and possess two years management experience(last 5 years), fulfill English and education conditions.

4. Section 205 Canada work visa—This means running your own business by incorporation of your Canadian firm, opening a Canada bank account(for your firm), registeration with Revenue Canada and deposit money for company’s usage in the account.

5. Quebec Entrepreneur Program—Requires net assets worth $280,000 alogn with two years of running a business(experience) in last five years along with controlling a minimum of 25 percent capital equity.

Also, you need to acquire or create a minimum of 25 percent of equity of a business in this Canadian province by investment worth $94,000.