30-day extensions for tourists with Walk-in visa entries

As per the details available, the immigration office of Phuket will begin issuance of 30-day extensions to foreign visitors entering the nation on visa-exemption status.

30-days extensions for foreigners on visa-exemption statuas—The Phuket immigration Office has announced that it will soon start issuance of 30-day extensions to foreign visitors who come to Phuket on visa-exemption status.

Phuket immigration office will be providing a rare opportunity of 30-day visa extension to foreigners coming to Phuket on visa-exemption status.

As per Col. Sunchai Chokkajaykij, chief of the Phuket Immigration Office, the order will be coming into effect from 29th August this year.

Acting Commissioner of Phuket Immigration Bureau, Sakda Chuenpakdee has signed the order, it was stated by Col. Chokkajaykij. Isn’t it a wonderful news for foreign visitors to Thailand? Indeed.

Current norms for Thailand visitors–Well, under current rules, foreigners(with visa-exemption status from nations not requiring any visa for coming to Thailand) can enter Thailand and stay here for a maximum of up to 30 days.

And foreigners coming to Thailand via border crossings hailing from neighboring nations can live in Thailand for a maximum duration of up to 15 days.

Present rules allow only an extension of up to seven days by making an application to any Immigration office for foreigners belonging to both the above stated categories.

Details of the new 30-days visa extension—But, the new rules will mean(becoming effective from 29th August, 2014) foreigners are allowed to make an application for extension of their stay in Thailand at any immigration office for a period of up additional 30 days. So, this means getting a maximum stay in Thailand for up to 60 days.

That’s something great for foreign visitors to Thailand.

All foreign visitors needing to get an extension of 30-days stay in Thailand(under new rules becoming effective 29th August, 2014) will need to furnish—

• A current passport and one copy of the same;

• One passport size photo to be attached with the application form;

• Complete application form for getting a 30-day extension;

• Pay a fee for application of 1,900 baht.

The good thing is that there will be no requirement of any onward travel ticket. Moreover, there will also be no need of any minimum amount of fund or any proof of any travel itinery or a hotel booking.