2015: A year when immigration would be focused on jobs

Experts observe the year 2015 to be a period when the focus of immigration would be on jobs. Immigrants would be preferred according to the skills they hold and his vacancies that are there in the country.

Matching jobs and vacancies
Expression of Interest
Programs like Expressions of Interest has been introduced that would give priority and preference to the “best and the brightest”.
Such programs would be helpful in dealing and doing away with the backlog of applications. Here the catch is that those applicants who are not skilled according to the requirement of the job market in Canada would be returned their applications back. This would not only reduce the backlog but would also help these applicants to understand that they need not wait any further.

Other Programs
Amid the other immigration programs are Federal Skilled worker program, federal Skilled Trades program and Canadian Experience class. Al these have been upgraded to ensure that the incoming immigrants strengthen the economy of the nation.

Fast and Flexible system

The new system is supposed to be “fast and flexible”, which is meant to boost the economy of the nation.

By bringing changes, the Government would actually ensure that employers in Canada get to choose those immigrant employees who would be matching up the vacancies.

Chris Alexander says that “this would be an economic match”. And therefore the entire effort is compared with a dating site.
He also added that the system would get more active than being passive.

The bigger meaning
The country aims at telling the world that the processing would not be done as first come first serve basis, as it has been going on.
It would rather choose pick those who are potential contributors to the economic progress of the nation.

The processing time would get reduced to a few months which used to be for a minimum of two years.

Big role played by the employers
With such initiatives, Government would actually lend an upper hand by allowing them to recruit according to their requirement. They wouldn't be made to choose someone who is not skilled or required by his firm.

For this reason, Chris Alexander termed this as “tailored immigration process”.

Even if the processing time is reduced to six months, it may still be too late for business owners who would be in a hurry to hire workers.

The flip side of the system
The opposition believes that there is a lack of detailing about the exactness of the program. Therefore, many experts believe that the entire change is done with the aim of making it a buyer’s market than preferring the same to be a sellers' market.

2015 would be a time when skilled immigrants can be hopeful to see their applications getting processed at a faster rate. This would enable the employers to fill up vacancies sooner too. But, the details about the program are what are demanded by the experts and even opposition.

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