20,000 graduates helped by Canada immigrant integration program

Canada immigration minister Jason Kenney proudly announced the celebration of 20,000th Graduates of Immigrant Integration Program.

Successful integration of new Canadians through CIIP—CIIP (Canadian Immigrant Integration Program) has reached a milestone towards improving the life of newcomers coming to Canada. Canada immigration department CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) recently celebrated the special occasion of welcoming the 20,000th graduate of CIIP.

Speaking about the immigrant integration program aimed at better and quicker settlement of newcomers coming to live and work in Canada, Kenney said the government of Canada remains committed to help foreigners succeed here. Information provided through this immigrant integration program pertains to settlement, labor market conditions and credential recognition while they are still in their home nation.

Pre-arrival knowledge about Canada to foreigners –CIIP offers a better and a prior understanding of Canada to foreigners aspiring to come to Canada even before they arrive here, said Kenney. It has already helped nearly 20,000 newcomers in getting successfully settled here.

Launched in 2010 and funded by CIC, the program helps the newcomers make quicker contributions towards Canada’s development and long-term success, said Kenney.

CIIP serves foreigners in 25 nations--The new immigrants, no longer, need to make wild guesses about Canadian conditions since the CIIP provides all the related information along with tools required to live, search jobs and getting connected in Canada, stated James Knight, president of the ACCE(Association of Community Colleges- involved in managing the program).

The CIIP offers assistance to foreigners from 25 nations wanting to come to Canada through its various offices located in India, the Philippines, the UK and China. So, such foreigners can get a pre-arrival knowledge about labor market conditions in Canada and recognition of educational credentials through foreign offices in any of 25 nations.

Referrals to organizations or colleges serving newcomers in the province chosen by them are provided to newcomers along with referrals to regulatory bodies and employers in their respective field of expertise.

Aim of this program is to help newcomers find an employment and kick-start their careers in Canada as soon as they arrive here.

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