100,000 UK immigration interviews for prospective students to the UK

Announcing the decision, May said nearly 100,000 foreign students wanting to come and study in the UK will face immigration interviews.

Face-to-face UK immigration interviews for 100,000 international students—If you aspire to come and study in the UK, you need to get ready for facing immigration interviews. Yes, its quite true. As per May, new immigration interview rounds will be initiated to all UK routes.

UK immigration will conduct face-to-face interviews of aspirants of UK student visas in their home nations to stop misuse of UK student visas for getting employment in the UK. UK Border Agency officials will interview 100,000 applicants annually.

So, international students making application for UK student visas will face immigration interview in their home nation, states May. The new move will become applicable for UK student visa aspirants with effect from April 2013 and up to 100,000 applicants will be interviewed by UK Border Agency(UKBA) officials annually.

Immigration interviews to shut back-door to the UK–The latest move is part of the efforts by May to curb down heavily on fake or bogus foreign students wanting to sneak into the UK . Mrs. May clarified that the step will help in shutting the back-door entry into working in the UK. The menace of UK student visa abuse has been up and growing at an alarmingly high rate.

And the current process of using paper-based checks were proving useless to control the misuse of UK student visas. Many coming to the UK on UK student visas merely aimed to gain entry into the nation for working here.

And this is what needs to be checked and controlled at the earliest.

Extension of immigration interviews to UK work permits, family reunion routes—The UK Home Secretary May also hinted at the likelihood of extending immigration interviews to other UK immigration routes in the coming times after introducing to UK student visa category.

The move will ultimately help the UK to weed out widespread misuse of UK visas, Mrs. May affirmed. The UK government wants to make a perfect balance between making the UK a lucrative market and assuring that UK visas don’t become a backdoor entry to work here, she maintained.