“Express Entry” A solid platform to attract talented newcomer immigrants

Citizenship and immigration Canada is all set to launch “Express Entry” in January of 2015. Chris Alexander, the Immigration Minister formally announced this model for welcoming economic immigrants. He also added that this is an effort to introduce an immigration system which fast, flexible and focused.

Express Entry
The program will aim at meeting labor shortages for the job openings which could not get filled up by the natives of the country. This program will help all those immigrants receiving a job offer or nomination under any of the provincial nominee programs to obtain a permanent residency status. This program will be different from other programs like temporary foreign worker and so on because most of them are meant to fill up the labor shortage temporarily rather than giving an opportunity to get established in the country.

Opening of the program

The program will be focusing upon skilled immigrants and choose pick the best of them. The applications would be treated at a faster rate. The processing time is not expected to be more than 6 months for those coming under Federal Skilled Worker program, federal skilled trades program, Canadian Experience class and a part of Provincial Nominee program.

Benefit for the employers
Employers can fill up their labor shortage within a short period of time by recruiting immigrants who would be in the country for a longer period of time. They will also play a major role in the recruitment process.

The overview of the program
An overall investment of $14 million would be made by Canada’s Economic Action plan. This program will facilitate the process of hiring the best rather than the first.
This program which is an evolution from the previous program called “Expression of Interest”.

The bank of best immigrant employees would help the employers to get the best of the lot.

Functioning of the program
It would work in two steps. In the first step skilled immigrants would indicate their interest even electronically so that a pool is created. The second step would help the government and the employers to choose the best of them suiting the local need and requirement in the best possible manner.

The pool will discard the candidates who are not chosen up to certain of point of time. This is again a measure to do away with the backlog of applications and force applicants to wait for years.
This program should not be observed as a replacement for federal Skilled Worker program which is likely to come to an end by April 30, 2014.

The Immigration process in the country suffers majorly from backlog of applications and getting the best of the immigrants. Express Entry is a strong measure to combat these immigration issues and help reduce the backlog as well as support the employers filling up the vacancies with right kind of skilled immigrants. The immigrants allow would be benefited as they would not need to wait for a long time to get hired.

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