Australian tourism seeks to attract Chinese tourists

Written by Jobs Aug 16, 2010

Australia, 16th August: Australian tourism is inviting Chinese tourists to participate in Tourism Australia competition and share their memorable experiences by taking a visit to Australia.

And the best part of this competition by Tourism Australia is that the visit and participation in Australia is totally free.

The competition is a series of steps being taken by the Tourism Australia to allure increased number of Chinese to Australia.

The visitors from China will be asked to share their experiences including their videos and pictures during the travel to the exotic locations of Australia. Also, they will be required to give some details on the official Australian website by Tourism Australia titled

The website is featuring a total of 3,200 memorable travelling experiences shared by Australians and is likely to add a few selected experiences shared by Chinese travelers coming to Australia as part of the competition by Australian tourism department.

If you are living in China and feel interested in taking a visit to Australia, then act fast and avail this beautiful and a rare opportunity by Touris Australia. of course, you will need to have either a New Zealand passport or an Australian passport; or an Australian Tourist Visa.

Australia happens to be a favorite spot for traveling by Chinese people. Till April this year, a total of 360,000 visitors had come to Australia on Australian Tourist visas. In 2009, around 366,000 people hailing from China had come to Australia.

Tourism Australia executive general manager international, Richard Beere says an increase of 15 percent in the number of Chinese visitors to Australia is expected this year.

China happens to be the biggest source of visitors to Australia.

An investment stimulus of $30 million has been announced by the Australian government to popularize Australia as the best place to visit and explore among Chinese.

The findings of the recent survey -Visa PATA Travel Intention reveal that out of the total participants in the survey, more than fifty percent
expressed their willingness to visit and explore Australia in the period of next two year.

So, if you love to know Australia’s beautiful locals and its people, then select your favorite destination and plan your travel to Australia, says Beere.

UK to allure more tourists through easier UK visas

Written by Jobs Aug 15, 2010

United Kingdom, 14th August: UK government is going to introduce easier UK visas for foreigners especially hailing from India and China to promote UK tourism.

Announcing about this, the Prime Minister of UK David Cameron stated that his government will work together to make it possible to increase the contribution of UK Tourism to the UK economy.

As of now, UK Tourism is instrumental in making contributions of 115 billon pounds annually to the economy of the country. UK Tourism gives employment to 10 percent of UK’s total workforce, Mr. Cameron added. He was addressing the officials of tourism sector in Central London on August 12.

The message of Cameron for the world is clear- UK welcomes foreigners to visit, travel and spend in the UK and not those who want to work in the UK or wish to get jobs here. And the motive is to increase the number of UK tourist visas for foreigners but not other UK visas needed by migrants to move to the UK.

The recent caps on UK immigration announced by the UK government have made the foreigners believe that UK does not welcome visitors since it does not need them.

There has been a considerable fall in the number of people visiting Britain in the recent past after the new tougher UK visa rules were brought into effect. Number of UK visitor visas went down to 1.67m in the year 2008-09 as compared to 1.92m in the year 2006-07.

India happens to be the 10th biggest source of foreigners visiting the UK on UK visitor visas. In a year, a total of 30 million UK visitor visas are issued to foreigner visitors and the number of visitors are increasing.

UK government has been under severe pressure from Knightsbridge and West End stores to ease UK visitor visa norms for Indians to cash in on the rich Indians shopping in the UK.

China is at 22nd position for the number of Chinese visiting the UK for travel through UK visitor visas. 

The PM of Britain says he wants to take Britain in the top five tourist destinations the world over and for this, the UK has to compete internationally.